New Escape Room Experience based on Latin Mass announced

A large church
Escape Room

In a bid to attract more people to church, a Birmingham parish has created a popular Escape Room experience based around the Latin Mass.

Local priest, Fr Malcolm Finnegan, said ’The idea hit me while I got stuck half way through the Litany of Saints while stepping in for a friend during a Latin Mass. I lost my place and had to busk it. Fortunately no-one noticed I’d slipped into Vogue by Madonna but it gave me an idea. I’d heard of helter-skelters in church and also Escape Rooms and bang, it just came to me.’

The parish will soon introduce a version for parents called ‘Mass’ where they have to keep their hyper-active children in a large cold room whilst being silent and well-behaved while people look on and tut. There’s a third planned for teenagers entitled ’Confirmation: Ten Sessions then Freedom.’

Parishioners remain unconvinced. Mary Entwistle commented that it ’Sounds like every Sunday to me. “Go the Mass is ended? Thanks be to God indeed.”

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