New Catholic ‘Next Words’ Phone App Coming Soon

A woman looking at a Phone as if she's enjoying herself
A Happy Catholic App User

A new app is set to make it easier for Catholics to send messages to each other. Most phones suggest next words for your messages and with this app, those words will suit Catholics.

Using the ‘The Word on the Pews’ app, if someone types ’Holy’ then the three suggestions are ’Mass’, ’Mary’ and ’Moly’, though if being used without the parental lock, other words area available. If someone types ’God’ it will suggest ’come to our aid’, ’of hosts’ and ’not this hymn again.’

’Second’ it is suggested could be followed by ’person of the Holy Trinity’, ’chance’ or ’collection’ while ’nipping’ generates ’to the loo’, ’it in the bud’ and ’out after Communion’.

App creator, Danny Radison, said ’We initially put prayers on there, so if the user typed in ’Thy Kingdom come’ it would suggest ’Thy will be done.’ But who texts prayers?

‘In the end we actually recorded the conversation of one thousand Catholics for a weekend and went through those audio files extracting common phrases. It was the worst six months of my life. Three researchers developed personality disorders and had to be given ongoing psychotherapy but we hope the ‘The Word on the Pews’ app will be out soon.

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