After 50 years of cake sales, Luton pensioner raises nothing for Cafod

A woman we've named Sheila Wimple
Sheila Wimple, faithful cake baker, raising nothing for Cafod for 40 years.

Sheila Wimple, faithful parishioner of St Anthony’s in Luton, has been baking cakes for Cafod and has finally broken even. She is known for her business acumen, being nicknamed Alan Sugarbuns by her Parish Priest.

‘I use the money from last week’s sales to buy the ingredients for this week and then donate the surplus – or at least I will at some point.’ Said the delighted pensioner.

‘It’s the perfect product; ethical, tasty and cheap. Finally you can have your cause and eat it! We started doing it as part of the whole Live Simply thing.

‘Everyone is so happy that they’re helping others overseas, or at least not hindering. Last year was a bit slow and I wrote to CAFOD asking them to reimburse me but I didn’t hear back.’ Said the valiant merchandiser. ‘I managed to sell off some rock buns I found at the back of the church cupboard to give me my seed money for the next time. They were actually cupcakes but needed re-branding as they were made in 2009. Re-brand successful!

Local Priest, Fr Anthony McAdams said ‘We’re delighted to have Sheila in the parish. If my waistline is indicative of our care for poor people then we’re doing well. Though I’m sure Sugarbuns has got something to do with the increase in funerals lately. She’s pretty much solely responsible for my bypass operation last month.’

Sheila plans to increase her operation with franchises in the rest of the diocese. Look out for ‘Live Simply Indulgence Sugarbuns’ appearing in a parish near you.

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