Catholic Church Voted Best at Lent in Churches Together Award Night.

A woman's head with an ash cross carved into it
Ashes – ‘Just so them.’

The Catholic Church was shocked to receive the award for being best at Lent in an award ceremony run by ecumenical organisation Churches Together.

In an unsurprising move, Best at Pentecost was awarded to the Pentecostals, winners of the award for the last forty three years. Best at Easter was given to the entire Evangelical wing of the church. Best at Christmas was given to The Salvation Army

The awards were started nearly half a century ago to celebrate the various contributions to the life of the church made by different denominations.

’We avoided areas of obvious conflict like who has the best music or preaching or most accurate theology. Said Tracey Jones, Churches Together spokesperson. ’We went for categories less likely to cause offence.’

’I’m offended!’ Said Fr William MacMichael, who received the award on behalf of the Church. ’We’ve been trying to knock the Pentecostals off their pedestals for years and they’ve gone and given us this booby prize. I mean, who wants to be Best at Lent? We’re evangelical!’ Fr MacMichael protested. ’One of our choirs even has a tambourine!’

Tracey Jones said ’We thought they’d be delighted. They seem to love Lent as far as we could work out. They are so Lent, even in other parts of the year. And the whole ashes thing. It’s just so them.’

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